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And those that do suffer from acute and chronic neck, shoulder, back, hip, and knee pain, are frequently found to lack such positive radiologic findings.  While x-rays and MRIs are great tools for finding fractures or tumors, they do a poor job diagnosing common musculoskeletal problems because they can’t see misalignment and tension. 

Unfortunately, diagnoses of arthritis, tears, and disk conditions not only lead to ineffective and often harmful medical procedures, but also prevents people from addressing the real source of their pain and problems—tension in the muscles and joints caused by a compromised posture, the result of our modern work and play habits.  Driving, sitting, desk and computer use, smart phone and tablet use, watching TV or reading in bed, combined with a lifetime of minor slips and falls, cause more musculoskeletal aches and pains than all other causes combined. 

Without preventive measures, the body gets gripped and molded over time.  You can see this in the posture of middle and older aged people—the head creeps forward on the trunk, their upper backs and shoulders round, they become slightly bent over at the waist, and one or both of their feet often turn outward.  The result of these subtle changes in the body is tension, friction, and irritation creating soft tissue problems like tendonitis and muscle spasms; joint issues like bursitis and meniscal tears; bony anomalies like bone spurs and bunion formation; and generalized arthritis, stiffness, and weakness. 

End Everyday Pain, A 10-Minute-A-Day Program of Stretching, Strengthening, and Range of Motion Exercises to Break the Grip of Pain, contains a very targeted 10-minute-a-day program of gentle stretching, range of motion exercises, and strengthening.  It  not only contains the latest scientific information on the proper ways to improve the body, but also has valuable information on;

  • Sprains and strains, and when to use heat versus cold

  • Better sitting, and lifting positions

  • Proper pillow heights, and sleeping positions

  • When to use orthotics, lumbar supports, and braces

  • Medications and alternative therapies

  • Massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic treatments


The book was created over many years of diagnosing and treating patients with chronic muscle and joint pains.  It’s tailored to address the most common areas of tension that the body collects, and will begin to reverse years of stress on the soft-tissues and joints, ending the cycle of pain and dysfunction, and restoring health and vitality.  The simple yet effective routine has worked for thousands of my patients, and it will work for you too!

“Physical structure is the basis of medicine”

The idea for my first book was born out of necessity.  It became obvious to me after treating thousands of patients over fifteen years, that most people had a serious misunderstanding about the cause of their aches and pains—usually a result of being misdiagnosed by their family physician or orthopedic specialist.   Typical examples include “I have neck pain but my doctor says it’s arthritis,” or "My back’s been hurting, but I have a bulging disc.”  

Well-designed studies cited in the medical literature clearly demonstrate that significant numbers of people with no complaints of pain, can be found to have conditions like arthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and tears in the linings of joints, if subjected to testing.  



End Everyday Pain

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