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THE IntelliWedge™  IS HERE!
The IntelliWedge™  is Dr Tieri’s customized foam wedge, designed specifically to counteract the common postural challenges that almost all people experience as they get older.  Whether you’re suffering from headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper or lower back pain, hip or knee pain, or you’re currently pain-free and want to avoid pain and problems as you age, the IntelliWedge can help you.  It’s patient-tested and designed specifically to break the mold—or pattern—that results from years of work and play habits, to reduce harmful tension, and deliver pain-free living in just a couple of minutes a day.

After 18 years of a hands-on Osteopathic manipulation practice, Dr. Tieri has seen—and felt—a very common pattern develop in the bodies of his middle-aged and older patients.  Their head moves slowly forward on their trunk, their shoulders round, their upper and lower back becomes more prominent and hunched forward, and the corresponding muscles, ribs, and vertebrae become stiffer and more misaligned.  Dr. Tieri has rarely seen anyone escape this fate as they age, and one after another these patterns walk through his door seeking relief from the pain and problems that result.

Make no mistake, even when some event triggers the neck, shoulder, back or hip pain—like raking leaves, pulling weeds, or lifting  a grandchild up off the floor—the inherent tension and misalignment in the adult body likely set the stage for the pain and problems that resulted. 

Now here’s the good news!  By using the IntelliWedge for just a couple of minutes a day on a regular basis, you can rediscover your proper posture, not by thinking about it or temporarily repositioning it—which are hard and generally ineffective things to do—but by actually physically changing it.  This is the only way to treat the underlying cause and relieve and prevent pain.


The IntelliWedge comes with a comprehensive booklet that further describes the reason so many people suffer from common aches, pains, and problems, and describes the simple exercises in detail--with photos--that will break the grip of pain!

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