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Staying Young with Interval Training


Nothing provides more positive stress to the CV system than high intensity interval training (HIIT).  As compared to the more familiar moderate-paced continuous activity (MPCA) where the same speed and intensity is maintained throughout the exercise—walking, jogging, biking on flat ground—HIIT has brief intervals of faster movement within the slower paced exercise, and appears to be offer a superior workout for the body.   

Not only does HIIT get you very fit and healthy in much less time—turning back the clock on aging muscles—but also makes it easier to lose weight and reshape your body.  Longer, and more steady-paced, exercises can create unhealthy stress on the body and the joints, and inhibit weight loss.  This may be a result of a survival mechanism.  For all your body knows, it may be at the beginning of a long trek—traveling to be closer to food supplies or a less dangerous climate—and therefore, slows down your metabolism to conserve energy and body weight for the journey.  

Short bursts of high intensity exercises, on the other hand, signals your body that it needs to move fast—toward something desirable, or away from something dangerous—so it devotes resources to get the muscles and CV system faster and stronger.  This process—firing up the cell's energy producers—will not only increase your metabolism while you’re working out, but also for hours afterward (called after-burn), devoting the necessary resources to build itself up in case those skills are needed again in the future.

Staying Young with Interval Training, The Revolutionary HIIT Approach to Getting Fit, Living Healthy and Keeping Muscles Young contains the latest breakthrough fitness information—including scientifically documented changes at the cellular and DNA levels of muscles engaged in HIIT—leading the researchers to conclude that the declines in cellular health brought on by aging are correctable with intense exercise. To benefit from this fitness revolution, the book includes 40 step-by-step aerobic exercises, and dozens of HIIT exercise routines, that together offer the most effective cardiovascular training in a minimal amount of time.  ​

“A 2017 study reported in Preventive Medicine found that the more exercise people got, the less aging their cells experienced.”​​

As with many things health and fitness related, the key to optimal cardiovascular (CV) health is to challenge the body—in this case the heart, lungs, and respiratory muscles—to entice them to get stronger and more fit.  This is positive stress, and it encourages healthful resources to be directed toward those areas that are demanding it.  The benefits include;

  • Reduces heart disease by lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol profiles. 

  • Improves blood sugar thereby reducing the incidence of pre-diabetes and diabetes, and all the medical problems associated

  • Improves breathing and reduces asthma symptoms

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces pain

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Elevates mood

  • Reduces weight